Mr Addey In Robin cosplay

Robin Cosplay

11947989_10154236592530550_6037420504028033944_oDear friend,

This summer I attended my first ever Comic Conventions. Which is kindof crazy that at the ripe ole age of 25 that I’ve never been to one. Especially seeing as I am somewhat of a superhero fanatic. So attending two this year was absolutely GREAT!

So, the first convention, Dublin City Comic-Con was held in Dublin’s state of the art convention 11950446_10154236595405550_8792462502098786031_ocentre, and it was such an incredibly fun experience. So many incredible costumes, so many wallet emptying shops. I swear, my eyes were probably twinkling so much at all the amazingness there was. Which is probably the reason why I forced my friend to come back to a second con. But not before committing to making my own costume.

So as the title suggests, the costume I chose was Robin (Batman’s occasional sidekick). In a way I wanted to make the costume my own, so in making it, I added a number of my own tweaks along the way. But overall I was so thrilled with how it turned out.The absolute highlight being when a small kid made his dad bring him over to say hi to me.

I also may have purchased a life-size Mudkip plush. Which is kindof 50 shades of AWESOME.

So all in all, I give the whole con-experience a 4 out of 5 stars. If you have any interest whatsoever, it’s an incredibly fun place to interact with like minded people.

I shall write soon with many more tales of adventure and fun.

From my snuggly bed to yours,




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