So it Begins

Dear Friend,

You know those nights when you’re sitting up late at night, the rain pelting against your window, as you pull the duvet up higher around your neck. Then a wave of inspiration hits you, but as you shuffle to grab your notepad and pens, you feel the cold chill of the late night air. So you decide, hey….I should just start a blog. *pulls duvet over head and begins to type*.

It’s a little weird I guess, but I am quite the night owl. I find comfort in the stillness of night. It’s when I find myself most productive. I mean, sleeping is so overrated anyway. All that wasted time that can be used for crafting and upcycling.

Ok, ok, I may have lost you now. I get it, i’m in a minority. I mean, who else ends up awake at 4am sewing and adding embellishments to once loved garments. Here’s a little taste of some of my upcycling:

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy craft supplies….and I mean, that’s pretty close….right?

I am super excited to finally have a blog space where I can share my processes and. ideas. I can assure you, this is but the beginning of a wonderful adventure, and I sure do hope you will join me as we set off on this crafting adventure together.

From my snuggly bed to yours,




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